Cincinnati E-Mail Marketing

There are few marketing tools more valuable than a good list of targeted e-mail addresses. If you already have a list, we can design and write e-mails that will Cincinnati E-mail Marketingcreate interest in your business and generate more leads.  If you don’t have a list, we can help get you started quickly by implementing a strategic Cincinnati e-mail marketing database acquisition strategy.

  • We can help you understand what your e-mail subscribers are looking for, and with regular reports we’ll help you understand open rates, click-through rates and other e-mail metrics.
  • Although e-mail has been around for a long time, it’s being read and delivered in new ways. By using our e-mail services, you’ll be able to reach mobile consumers.
  • We understand subscribers and Internet Service Providers who are always wary of spam.
  • We abide help you abide by all laws & e-mail best practices, spamming can result in legal penalties.
  • As we develop your e-mail marketing program, we tailor each e-mail newsletter to your mission and your customers’ needs, from newsletters, to specials, coupons and announcements.
  • Each e-mail is branded with your company’s image and message, so that the unique design and fresh content urges them to open up the e-mail and click through.
  • We use e-mail marketing to generate brand knowledge and loyalty, create warm leads and repeat business for your company.


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