Mobile Optimization and Marketing

Mobile Optimization

This is the process of making your website display properly on mobile devices, like smartphones and tablets.  It’s essentially reaching people on the go and it’s an Mobile importing part of every digital marketing strategy because:

  • In 2015 75% of cell phone owning Americans will regularly surf & search the Internet from their mobile device…vs. just 31% in 2009.
  • Mobile Internet usage overtook desktop usage in 2014.
  • One half of all local searches are performed on mobile devices.

If your website isn’t easy to find on a mobile device, or doesn’t display properly…potential customers may not be finding you.  We can evaluate your website and recommend ways to make it mobile friendly.  We recommend one site with responsive design vs. a separate mobile site for maximum SEO/SEM results.

Mobile Marketing

Once you have a Mobile Optimized Website, you need a strategy designed to specifically reach mobile users. This is Mobile Marketing & it’s an important part of every marketing plan.

Mobile users are different from desktop/laptop users:

  • They want bite-sized pieces of information
  • They want to be able to click to call you
  • They want one click directions to your location
  • They want that info geared towards a user on the go, not at their desk
  • They are more concerned with quality content & not flashy design

We can identify tools to help you advertise directly to mobile consumers.