Cincinnati SEO

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process of maximizing your website so that it ranks higher in the “organic” or non-paid search results of search engines like Cincinnati SEOGoogle, Yahoo and Bing.  SEO is used in tandem with PPC (Pay Per Click) to create an online marketing strategy that grows your business.  We specialize in Cincinnati SEO for local businesses.

SEO is not an overnight process, however we constantly deliver first page search results for our clients by truly understanding how search engines work.  A search engines job is to weed out sub-par and spammy websites…and deliver sites that have relevant & real content that people want to read and share.  

Our proven Cincinnati SEO approach

Any company that promises to get you immediate first page SEO results is using practices that will get your site blocked by search engines in the long run.  To achieve sustained SEO results you must create relevant content, update it regularly and let the search engines know what you’ve done.  Without getting too technical, we use internal, external and directory placement SEO strategies.  We do NOT used black hat or keyword stuffing techniques that deliver “next day” results, but can get your site banned.  

  • Internal SEO is creating or updating your site code, so that search engines can easily find your site and decipher your actual product or service.  We build sites on the Internets most SEO friendly content management system.  Google loves WordPress & we use that relationship to your advantage.
  • External SEO involves updating your existing content (and creating new content), so that real live humans can easily understand what your actual product or service is.
    • Links – the more relevant websites that link back to you, the more “trusted” search engines will see you as.  The best ways to get sites to link to you is by creating informational content in the form of: videos, articles, blogs and even infographics.
    • Likes – (shares, tweets, 1+, reddits, etc.) are now even more important than links.  Search engines interpret content promoted by social media as “real content” and therefore trustworthy and valuable.
    • Logic –  ​​Search engines can only lead people to your site…you need to seal the deal once they arrive.  Your content shouldn’t simply be about how awesome you are.  It should be created so that your target consumer understands your value proposition & takes action.
  • Directory Placement – we’ll ensure your business information like (address, phone number, email address, website information, photos and more) is up to date and consistent in more than 100 online directories, including” Google +Local, Yahoo! Local, Reach Local, and

Accountability & Reporting

We provide the following reports that allow us (and you) to track your SEO progress

  • Listing Status – view how many of your pages are listed by a particular search engine
  • Inbound Links – track which search engines list inbound links to your website and where those links live.
  • Page Rank – track you site’s rank on Google and Alexa search engines on a scale of 0-10.
  • Keyword Rank – see where your site ranks on specific keyword searches.
  • Competitor Rank – compare how search engines rand your vs. you competitors on specific keyword searches.