Cincinnati Social Media Marketing

Social Media usage is up 800% for U.S. adults in just 8 years.  In fact 72% of adult Internet users now actively use Social Media sites on a daily basis.  Because people engage with and trust Social Media sites, 74% of marketers believe using these sites is an important part of their lead generation strategy.  If you are one of those 74%…we can work with you to develop & implement a strategy that grows your business.

Our proven Social Media Marketing approach

We help local businesses use Social Media to communicate with existing customers, find new customers and ultimately…increase sales. As a business professional you are constantly networking in person.  We take that principle and apply it to the Internet. Social media marketing will help you build relationships that turn into leads and sales — the same as “in-person” networking. How do we do it?

First we help you choose the right combination of Social Media sites to target.  Every social media site is used for different reasons by different people.  We help you target your ideal customer on the social media platform they prefer, instead of simply blanketing every Social Media site and hoping for results.

Next we work with you to create an appealing message/offer that motivates your ideal customer to take action.  Let’s face it, most people aren’t into ads…but everyone likes a great deal or opportunity.

Then we strategically post your offer when your ideal customers are most active on Social Media sites.  For example 25-54 year old Facebook users are most active between 1 & 3 p.m.

Cincinnati Social Media Marketing